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released July 4, 2015



all rights reserved


SERMOS Indianapolis, Indiana


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Track Name: Die Young
You were just a young man-a whole life ahead of you
But inside your mind it was gray and clouded
Nothing but coldness and darkness to think of
You saw no good in the world you lived in
There was no point in going on with living
So you took life into your own hands

You took the rope
Tied it around your neck
Your mother found you there
Hanging from a tree

If I had known you were in that state
I would have reached out to you
Maybe I could have given you hope
Maybe I would not have had those dreams of you coming back

But you're gone
And you're not coming back
The world can be cruel
Sometimes the good die young

Sometimes the good die young
Track Name: The End of Flesh
I let myself slip and now I'm in the darkest hole
I once was above and now I'm below
When I try to use my own strength I sink even lower than I was before
This can't be done without your hand to pull me up and out

This is not how I should feel and not where I should be
I have no faith in myself
I'm laying down my pride
Hands are weak and I'm on my knees screaming and begging for mercy
I know this isn't living because I'm dead inside

I won't stay here. I won't die here.

I turned my back on you and I fell into the dirt.
But you waited patiently for my return.

I have lost my will to pray, but I can see no other way

I let myself slip and now I'm in the darkest hole.
I was once above and now I'm below
I won't stay here. I won't die here

This is the start of something new.
Track Name: Brainwreck
If the demons weren't in my head where would they be
If they left my mind what havoc would they wreak
Do you know the secret to find the rest I seek
Hopefully I'll find peace and they won't be released
But with decaying minds there are no guarantees
No amount of begging, crying, or pleas
Could put this tired mind at ease

Scrambled thoughts and blurring vision
It's all incoherent

I want to clear my troubled head so I can finally think straight
Until then I will search for more parts of me to mutilate
The weight of my thoughts is too much for me to bear
I can hear the voices but nobody's there

Scrambled thoughts and blurring vision
It's all incoherent and a mess
Take a scalpel and make an incision
Cut out what's rotted-leave the rest

My mind is filled with poison inside
There is no sign of life-it died
Voices speak to me, but not to you
Telling me to do things I don't want to do
I'm lost in a plane of insanity
This has become the greatest part of me

Every time I try to cope, demons stay to linger still
I'm going to be rid of them so I can know how normal feels
Do people sense that I am different simply when I'm walking passed them
Stuck under shadows that this cloud of above me has been casting

There is nothing left
I have nothing left
Split my head wide open
And see what's inside

This is
Not the state I will
In until I die
There will
Be a new day
Where I
Do not feel like
Track Name: Cult Leader
Misled by a great deception
Teaching from a misconception
A vile, warped interpretation
You only preached condemnation

Still, they followed you blind
An evil man-an evil mind
For their souls you are at fault
You are the founder of a cult
I don't know what book it is you read
But your faith with those works is dead
A holy name is what you've tarnished
Your wretched deeds won't go unpunished

You swayed no one's mind
Your life was in vain
Spitting garbage and lies
You're in a realm of endless pain

Your legacy still lives
Even after death
Pitiful fools still spread hate
And it won't end

Your soul will rot with the worst of them
Ambassador of ignorance
Track Name: Dormir (Husk) ft. Bryan Garris
Your eyes have been sewn shut
Forcing you to sleep
Your strength has been worn thin
Within these fractured bones and weathered skin

Rip open the stitches that seal your eyes shut
And just look around
Lift your gaze up from the ground
Your vision has been found
Tear away that veil of deceit
Before accepting defeat
Cut out the cataracts clouding your lenses
It is time you came to your senses

Bags of skin full of nothing but broken bones from self infliction

There is more to life than sorrow
You're a husk. Cold, dead, and hollow

Cold and dead
Lifeless husk
Bag of bones

Wake me up before it's too late to see. When my life doesn't have any purpose, I find it's harder to breathe. My eyes have been sewn shut. Blind to disease. Blind to the answers I need.

There is more to life than what you have been lead to believe
There is a fine line between living and just breathing.

The dead and sleeping will one day be awakened from deep slumber.
And they shall roam the earth with unclouded vision.

Come back from the dead